• Aswin Agustinus


Classico is a company that offers apparel manufacturing services (convection). Classico was established in 2013 in the city of Bandung. Classico specializes in making clothes for sports, especially football and futsal. Classico focuses on football and futsal because of the background of the owners of Classico who until now is still an active player and regularly participated in futsal event event in Indonesia, especially the city of Bandung. Classico must foster competitiveness to stay in the apparel business. However, in the first year Classico was run, the owners faced several problems to be solved in the business being run. The problems found are low brand awareness in the eyes of consumers, weak and lack of human resources that affect performance. Low brand awareness and performance affect sales, resulting in cash inflows and outflow cash flow is not balanced that makes the resulting profits do not match the expectations of the owner. To solve the problem, need to scan the environment both external and internal. These factors are set forth in the SWOT analysis that demonstrates Classico's strengths, shortcomings, opportunities and threats, then formulated into analysis into the EFAS (External Factor Analysis Summary), IFAS (Internal Factor Analysis Summary) and SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Summary). Based on EFAS & IFAS results formulated then use IE Matrix to show Classico position that fall on cell IV (build and develop). After that, to determine which strategy is the most intensive between intensive or integrative Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) analysis is done and there are also new proposals for segmentation, target and position.

May 29, 2017
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